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#1 — Freedom With Writing

Freedom With Writing offers every writing gig imaginable without charging you anything at all.

Everything from poetry and fiction competitions to editors seeking personal essays is sent to your inbox regularly.

I can’t think of a single reason not to use this service. Regardless of your experience level, Freedom With Writing can provide you immense value with loads of paid publishing opportunities.

#2 — Authors Publish

Authors Publish is a site quite similar to Freedom With Writing. They send you emails with publishing opportunities for poets, fiction, and non-fiction writers.

In addition to being free itself, Authors Publish also ensures that each listed publisher…

Writer. Poet. Comedian. Filmmaker.

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Welcome to my profile! My name is Zach Klebaner, and I am a 23-year old writer, poet, and comedian born in Long Beach, New York, and raised in Arnold, Maryland.

In 2015, I returned to my Long Island roots to watch movies and get stoned which four years later culminated with a degree in Film Studies and Production from Hofstra University.

How to become an expert on the way.

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It’s okay not to know what you’re doing because that’s how everyone starts anything.

We often make the mistake of thinking that we need to be an expert before we can even begin. But the only way to become an expert in anything is to start learning and experimenting.

One small thing anyone can do to grow is to start a podcast. Doing so can lead to new knowledge and help us make radical advancements in our lives.

Here are 10 amazing reasons to start a podcast.

#1 — Your creativity will expand.

Creativity is a muscle that we can strengthen by undertaking challenges. We need to take risks to make progress because learning cannot co-exist with comfort. …

We tend to see ourselves as separate individuals, but we share innumerable ties with everything around us

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Separation is the dream that we are far more complex than others. Having full, backstage access to only one perspective is why we’re often unable to imagine that there are forces shaping other people’s behavior.

This is why it sometimes looks like the world is full of devils and dimwits. We forget the environments that breed the behaviors that we judge, leaving us annoyed and divided from the joy that defines us.

Taking the time to consider the mindset of others can change your life. There’s a reason that the happiest man in the world practices meditation on compassion. Knowing…

A laudatory lilt for our comic lord and savior

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this sestina poem is dedicated to Eric Andre, a stand-up comedian whose website conveys everything you’d ever need to know about living.

your shit is hilarious
and by the prayer that is your website
i once cried laughing for 15 consecutive minutes —
— i had expected a schedule. tour dates, perhaps.
but no, no. you gave us dicks
that when you clicked on them, they came

just like they came when they aimed for the hilarious jolting off the thunder of dicks to play with?! — what kind of website is this, perhaps, the funniest thing i’ve ever seen…

You don’t need to be with each other to create something amazing

Image Courtesy Of Sarah Terpning

When the pandemic struck, all my plans fell apart. My budding YouTube channel had ended as it got started. My date with a beautiful Bumblebee had been postponed. And I lost my job as a teaching artist which meant that I had to move back in with my family unexpectedly.

I allowed all this to turn me into a moper. A moper doesn’t see light or joy in anything. They whine and whine, refusing to create traction even when opportunities abound. It sucks to be a moper. …


Use the power of sex and drugs to master your emotions

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Eric Sollops has won employee of the month for a record 12th time in a row, so we decided to interview him and learn about his secrets.

Eric claims his success was all thanks to marijuana.

“When working at a grocery store, there’s very likely going to be tough times. Rude customers. A bad boss. Crap hours. I handle all of that by smoking a fat one.”

“Pre-weed,” Eric told us. “I was unable to hold down a job. I’d get a rude customer and quit the same minute. But bills got in the way after that. …

You can release anything you want at any time

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Almost everybody carries around with them a tool that can be used to write, take pictures, and record videos.

Anyone who has this tool can publish anything they want to a network that spans continents.

You’re free to create and monetize anything without having to go through a gatekeeper. You don’t need a bigshot editor to like your writing. You can go to Wattpad and upload your work for the world to see. You don’t need a producer to dig your logline. You can shoot it yourself and upload it to YouTube. You don’t need a fancy catalog to accept…

Pooling together a diversity of inspirations will maximize your originality

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When I first started performing stand-up, I dreaded sounding like my favorite comedians. I’d spend hours crafting bits, only to have them sound like hacky ripoffs of those I admired.

I shelved countless pages of material because of this. This made it difficult to practice via performance because I so strenuously limited my output. It was only after several years of anxious insecurity that I realized how nonsensical this all was.

While you should never directly ripoff someone’s material and call it your own, you should absolutely steal their essence. Collecting the essences of your favorite writers and performers is…

Zach Klebaner

Writer, poet, and comedian helping you navigate the creative life. Connect with me at: zach.klebaner@gmail.com

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